Leggo my Ego!!

Last Sunday at church, our pastor preached a message that I think hit home for everyone. He talked about simple common courtesy that Christians should display in their every day lives. He was then cruel enough to give examples just so that every member of the congregation would know exactly what he was talking about. He gave examples like not stomping your foot at the hostess of your favorite restaurant when you haven’t been acknowledged yet or being courteous in your driving on the highway. While I consider myself to be a genuinely nice person, I couldn’t help but think about all the times that I have acted like a spoiled brat in the past few weeks when things haven’t gone may way. For me, instead of taking it out on others, my preferred method is wollering in self-pity. When I was at my brother’s house, I was working on my first post for this blog and after I had hit the button “republish the entire blog”, I expected to see the post right away. When I didn’t see it right away, I naturally concluded that there was a technical glitch with my particular blog that had somehow bypassed all the millions of other users of the Blogger software. I then proceeded to bore my family to misery with all of my technological woes that I was certain happened to me and no one else on the planet. About a half hour later my brother checked my blog and proceeded to show me that my post had indeed been published. It just took a little time. Needless to say I was a little humbled. I know that I am not nearly as patient as I ought to be. Thank God for grace! I think we all need a little ego buster from time to time.

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