The day I went to church naked

I want to tell you a story about the time I went to church and discovered that I had no clothes on. It actually started like any other normal Sunday morning. To tell you the truth, I actually don’t remember much of the details except for the fact that, as soon as I walked into church, I noticed that I felt a little different than usual. When I looked down and discovered the reason, I immediately threw my hands over myself thinking that it might be possible that if I was really inconspicuous, maybe nobody else would notice. Yeah right! Now let’s think about that logically for a moment. If you were naked in a public place, do you really think that no one would notice if you tried to cover yourself up with your own hands?

It’s funny how logic seems to be thrown out the window when we sinful human beings get caught with our pants down. It kind of reminds me of Adam and Eve when they sinned against God and realized that they were naked. The Bible says that as soon as they discovered that they were naked, they “sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings.” The Bible also says that they tried to hide themselves when God came looking for them. Isn’t that a bit like us today? When we get caught with our pants down before God, we either hide or we try to cover ourselves with religious works and good deeds. The truth is that all of us are naked before God because of our sins. We may try to cover ourselves up by our own efforts, but we can’t hide our true selves from Him. Our desperate need is to have Christ clothe us with His righteousness so that we can stand before God unashamed. As you may have figured out already, the above story never took place in reality. It was a dream I had once. If it were true I would be writing this post from a mental institution. If you think that I was crazy when I thought that no one would notice if I tried to cover myself with my own hands, try standing before God on judgement day and asking him to let you into heaven based on your own merits. Repent and trust in Christ today. You’ll be glad you did on judgement day.

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