Holy Coca Cola

The first full day that our team was in Llasa, we met up with a man who actually made a lot of the idols in the temples. The six of us were given an exclusive tour of the temples and the monasteries. This, in and of itself, was probably the most memorable aspect of the trip. We happened to be in Tibet during a month -long religious festival and there were people everywhere chanting, holding prayer wheels, and prostrating themselves. In some of the temples we even had to climb ladders to get into the rooms. The strangest thing that I saw however was the holy Coca Cola. I am not joking about this. In front of the Buddha statues was holy water, which I expected. I also saw holy beer. But when I saw the Coca Cola I half-jokingly asked the man “What’s that? Holy Coca-Cola?” Although he laughed with me, he affirmed that it was indeed holy Coca-Cola. I guess even Buddha “can’t beat the real thing” .

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  1. for real? that’s crazy, aaron. i’m so glad that my God doesn’t need holy coca cola to make Him holy.

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