Marxism-the bastard child of Christianity

Here is a little something to chew on. What do Marxism and Christianity have in common? Think about it for a moment. Give up? The answer is that both have a linear view of time. What do I mean by this? As Westerners, we take it for granted that there is a such thing as a past, present, and future. Furthermore, all of us believe that the past affects the present and that choices made in the present affect the future. Furthermore, most of us believe that history is heading somewhere, although we may not all be able to agree on where it is heading. Such elementary concepts to us are relatively recent in human history and, in some places of the world, are still not the normal way of thinking for those who follow religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, or traditional folk religions. For example, in many places in Africa still today, if a tragedy or calamity happens, it is proof that an ancestral spirit was offended. The effect is proof of the cause rather than the cause being proof of the effect.

Such was the ancient world that Abraham lived in. For much of human history, time has been viewed as cyclical. Life is a cycle of births and rebirths. What is has always been and what has always been always will be. Such thinking does very little for human progress. To make the long story short, it was the Bible that established time as linear and established the foundation for human progress. As Christians, we believe in the creation, fall, redemption, and consumation of all things. In other words, history is heading somewhere. Marxism also believes that history is heading somewhere and that the choices of society affect the future of the human race. Tragically, their exclusion of God in their system resulted in millions of death in the 20th century.

So even though Marxism is a godless system of government, it’s linear view of time was shaped by a Biblical Christian worldview. Now that’s irony.

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  1. what does the Bible say about premarital sex, and if a non-virgin repents, do they become a virgin according to God?

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