Upstaged by Jesus Christ!

Hello everyone!

I am in Brazil right now in the state of Espiritu Santo, which in Portuguese is the word for the Holy Spirit. How cool is that!

Today, Rhiannon and I left our hotel at 5:30 in the morning, rode in a car for an hour and a half to get to Rio de Janeiro, and then took a six hour bus ride to get to where we are right now. Every day we get up, eat, drive to the next city and preach again. Last night I preached in another church of about 800-1000 people. Rhiannon shared her testimony as well and it was powerful. Several young people came forward to receive Christ after I preached a message on forgiveness. It was really great to see the hunger for God among the young people.

Speaking of hunger for God, that is one thing we have noticed about the Christians in Brazil. They are passionate in their worship! The other night while I was standing on the platform during the worship service, I noticed how fervent all the people were in their worship of God. I thought at that moment that, even though I was the guest speaker, no one knew who I was and no one really cared. I was being upstaged by Jesus Christ. If I were a motivational speaker or a politician, I suppose that I would have been rather jealous. But as an evangelist, I was thrilled beyond measure.

That night a lady who had a shoulder infection and had been in therapy for several months received her healing as well as a man with an ear infection. Both testified that they felt the fire of God come over them during prayer. I´m not sure if it was my faith or theirs that allowed them to receive their miracle, but then again, maybe it doesn´t really matter. When the King of Kings is present, who needs the ambassador?

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  1. you look nothing like bill clinton.

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