The day I became Knight Rider

Here is a little something you probably did not want to know about me, but since I am already in the habit of revealing way too much about myself to my readers anyway, I’m going to embarrass myself even more. Okay…here goes. When I was 7 years old, I was a huge fan of Davd Hasselhoff. Of course I didn’t know his name back then, all I knew is that I really wanted to be Knight Rider. I guess that is understandable. After all, what 7 year old would not want a talking trans-am? It wasn’t till I was 24 and watching a rerun of Knight Rider that I discovered that Hasselhoff’s acting was substandard. I actually saw a rerun of Knight Rider when I was in Uganda and thought to myself, I never realized this guy couldn’t act. But then again, who cares about acting skills when you are 7 years old?

When I graduated from high school my parents displayed a story on a poster board that I had written in the second grade. In the story I took a magic pill and turned 21. Not only did I have hair under my arm pits (I’m not making this up. That is actually in the story) but I was Knight Rider as well. My exact words at 7 years old was -“Okay Kit-actervate turbo booster!” Notice that I spelled the word “activate” just how it sounded to me.

Believe it or not, I actually have a point to this embarrassing story. Sometimes I think to myself, what if things actually worked that way?” What if I could have taken a magic pill at 7 years old and all of the sudden skip the next 14 years, develop big muscles, and become a totally hip crime fighting machine? As ridiculous as this sounds, I think that is exactly what a lot of us try to do with God. We have this crazy notion that, somehow, God is going to turn us into superhero Christians without the process of growth in between. I don’t know about you, but now that I am 28, I am sure glad that God did not answer the request of my fanciful 7-year old imagination. I wouldn’t trade any of those 14 years that I would have rather skipped at the time, and neither would I trade the last 7 years of my life for all the treasures of the world. I think we would all do well if we could learn to enjoy where we are in life as God moves us forward to our final destination. After all, even superheroes start out in diapers.

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  1. you posted this already on july 3rd of this year. care to comment?

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