Should Christians tithe off their gross or net income?

Question: What’s your take on tithing on gross income vs tithing on net income? Just interested in your opinion, not trying to trick or trap you.

Answer: The answer is whichever one you believe in more. Tithing should be done as an act of faith, not obligation. Here is an article which deals with every verse in the Bible on tithing. It is long, but well worth reading. I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. I have prayed about Gross or Net? I can’t seem to get a clear answer. Although, at this time I am tithing 10% of my gross, it is a real financial hardship for me. I love the Lord and want to give him what is required of me. Please help me with this.MW

  2. I encourage you to link that I posted which deals with every verse on tithing. To give you the short answer, I believe God will honor whichever one that you are able to give in faith. It’s not about numbers. It’s about the heart. Hope this helps.

  3. The problem with tithing for some workers is that it can become an issue of possibility. What I mean by this is, it’s always possible to tithe from your net. That’s merely 10% of what you physically have in your hand or pocket after getting paid. However, with the taxes, child support, IRS and other government paycheck garnishments era we live in, it’s possible that a tithe off of gross income can be more than the net income itself. Real Life Example: A man can make $500 gross income. Total tax deductions from W4’s is $150. Total deductions from Insurance(medical, dental, vision, life, etc.), is $200. Total deductions from child support garnishments is $95. The IRS is also garnishing this man’s paycheck $45 due to owed back taxes. All of these deductions add up to $490. When subtracted from $500, this man has only $10 (net) in his pocket. The tithes from his gross income would amount to $50, which he doesn’t have. However, the tithe’s from his net income would amount to $1, which he does have. This is an actual case, as sad as it may seem, for someone I know. For this reason, I believe in tithing from the net income.Thanks for reading this.

  4. Good point. That’s why I say that it’s not about the numbers, but about the heart of the giver and the faith expressed in the giving.

  5. I agree that is more about the heart.. I use to give off my net income and them someone told me to give off my gross. I have been giving off my gross ever since and it doesn't hurt me to do so. Could I use the extra, sure but giving up a few dinners out to be a blessing in God's house is far more worth it. I believe that because of my faithfullness and desire to do my best is why as a young engineer in the automotive business God has kept me employed and I actually recieved a raise. i don't think this was because of me but by the grace of God. I believe when you do your best God will bless. If I had to pay off my net simply because I had no choice I would not feel bad. I believe God would see me as being a good steward and using my finance to take care of business.

  6. The Bible doesn't command us to tithe, so whether or not you do and the amount you do is optional.

  7. It seems to me, you are right

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