Why I like Kirstie Alley-the self proclaimed Fat Actress

After reading my post on Fast Food woes, you may be wondering why I would dedicate a post to Kirstie Alley the self proclaimed fat actress. Despite the fact that I think her weight loss of 75 pounds is inspiring and despite her affiliation with the Church of Scientology (you won’t believe what these people actually believe) there is something I like about her, and that is her ability to make the best of her situation.

My mom used to tell me all the time when I was a kid that I need to learn to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously. If you read my post releasing my inner sissy you might be able to tell that I have made a conscious effort to follow this advice. And you would be right. I think it is a tremendous moral value to be able to laugh at yourself and I think Kirstie Alley does this well. I’ve seen her making fun of herself on the show King of Queens and I can tell you that she was hilarious.

In an age when Hollywood actresses are obscessed with making themselves so skinny they could slip through the cracks of a sidewalk, it is refreshing to see a Hollywood actress capitalize on her not-so-skinny image. I’m sure Kirstie Alley is laughing all the way to the bank. And that’s exactly my point. To be able to make the best of your situation is precisely the value that Jesus affirmed when He told the story of the unjust steward found in Luke 16:1-13. Here is a man who gets fired from his job, but rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for himself, he decides to make a few friends to ensure his financial security. Jesus does not commend him for his deception, he commends him for his shrewdness.

To sum up what I am saying, I think we should all learn to laugh at ourselves a little more and to make the best of our situations, even our own mistakes. And that, Kirstie Alley has done and that is why she deserves a place in the soon-to-be-world-famous blog of Aaron D. Taylor. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Let the laughing begin.

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  1. If one cannot laugh at themself, they will certainly miss out on some of life’s funniest moments.You know me Aaron, and while I’m not a huge Kirstie Alley fan, I think this is an extremely important trait to acquire for those who don’t already have it. Believe me folks, God is funnier than you know! Pete

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