Lessons from a liberal

I want to draw my readers’ attention to an article I read in Newsweek by Anna Quindlen called Frightening-and Fantastic. It is similar to the post that I wrote entitleld What a wonderful frightening world.

Quindlen points out how our society is constantly obscessed with warning people of bad things that can happen to them. It seems that we in America want to be prepared for everything. I’ve noticed in other cultures that I have lived and worked in, people don’t spend all their time worrying about the bad things that can happen to them. They are much too busy either surviving or enjoying time with their friends and family. This is definitely true in Africa. Sometimes we in America can be so cautious that we forget to live.

Although I do not share many of Quindlen’s values (especially regarding her cavalier attitude about the sacredness of human life), I think it is good to keep an open mind to hear from others even if they don’t share your core values. The truth is, we can all learn from each other.

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  1. It’s the new anti-lotto. Like those who plan their lives, invest their money, and spend their energy based on the lotto winnings that they MAY someday win, people now spend their money and energy focusing on all of the things that could go wrong. It’s every bit as stupid.There is nothing wrong with being alert and prepared just as there is nothing wrong with being optimistic and hopeful, but when we spend our lives focused on what COULD happen we miss out on all that IS HAPPENING!Good post.Pete

  2. you know i agree with you on people from the states worrying too much about what bad things could happen to us. i especially like the point in your last paragraph regarding considering other people’s opinions even if they’re coming from a completely different perspective. i mean you don’t have to accept it or agree, but at least hear what they’re saying and think about it. then you can decide whether it’s garbage, treasure, or there are just some parts of it that are valid. i know that wasn’t your main point of this post, but i thought it was notable.

  3. Thanks for your comments Pete and Toby. I especially like the anti-lotto analogy.

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