Talk amongst yourselves!

After months of moderating comments, I have decided to turn off my comment moderation feature at least for the moment. I will be out of town for the next few weeks, but will attempt to continue posting depending on my internet access.

Since I will definitely not be posting tomorrow, I have decided to give you, my readers a topic to discuss.

Here is the question: What are the implications of the Big Bang theory in the origins debate?


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  1. To be honest, I’m not sure why aethiests think that the Big Bang theory is sucha strong ally or why the Christian world gives it much more than a shoulder shrug.First of all, a theory is just that. There is no proof and there will never be any proof. It will always be a theory. Something that happened so long ago and with no one to see it and document it, simply can not be proven. Sure, you can get some super physicist who throws a bunch of numbers and letters on a chalk board that clearly shows that he is right. PLEASE!!! All of those numbers and letters are based on theories and unproven methods themself and then put into mathematical equations. I’m not as smart as Toby when it comes to math, but I can tell you this- Math is full of false positives. There are shapes that one can prove mathematically but neither exist nor can they be created.However that is all a moot point, because the Big Bang disproves nothing! How some people make the jump from a point of singularity exploding into our current universe to their being no God is absolutely beyond me. We as christians believe that God created everything. We have no idea how He did it though! As one of my favorite bumper stickers proclaims, “God spoke and BANG! it happened”. Whose to say that if the Big Bang really did happen that God didn’t cause it himself. You see it doesn’t matter if the Big Bang happened or not. It does not disprove or prove anything for either side of the origins battle. Simply put, the ultimate point of origin can not be proven no matter how smart we get or how we interpret the Bible. What’s when you put away all of the theories and half truths is faith. Either you choose to believe in God or you choose not to. Either way you are taking some sort of risk without “knowing” anything. No one knows anything. We simply accept certain things that we are told or observe as truth and knowledge. Everything we “know” is simply what we have CHOSEN TO BELIEVE. Our “reality” is whatever we have chosen it to be as is our origin. CHOOSE WISELY!!Anyone else?Pete

  2. Pete,Did you read the link that I put on my post? There is more to this than I think you are seeing. It seems to me that you are equating the Big Bang theory with Darwinian materialsim. Believe it or not, the Big Bang theory is an atheist’s worst nightmare. I’ll post on this later.

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