Tribute to Steve Irwin

The other night I was watching Barbara Walter’s special on the 10 most fascinating people of 2006. One of the people that Barbara interviewed was Steve Irwin’s wife. I have to say that I was deeply touched by the way that she talked about him. She described the way Steve appreciated the simple things of life and how he allowed his children to role around in the mud and get dirty. He didn’t sweat the small stuff. In the midst of her tears she gave the most honest description of her late husband, “He was fun.” Everything I saw in the interview showed me that this was no Hollywood marriage, nor was their love a fairy tale for the cameras. Everything that I could see was 100% genuine. In a culture with very few healthy celebrity role models, it was very refreshing to see a family where first came love, then came marriage, then came the babies in the baby carriage. Let’s pray that God will raise up more role models to lift the standard in our sex crazed narcissistic culture.

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