Beginning with I can’t

Thousands of books are written every year and millions of dollars are spent on success seminars for the expressed purpose of telling people to believe the two magic words “I can.” I find it rather interesting that Christianity actually begins with the words “I can’t.”

Christianity has very little to say to people who don’t see living a moral life as a value to strive for. It has even less to say to those who believe they are already living a moral life. It is only when one has made a genuine effort and failed every time that the Christian faith steps in. For it is when we say “I can’t” that we come to realize that He can.

The sooner we stop trying to earn brownie points with God, the better. As I was reading 1 Corinthians chapter one last night, I heard the voice of the Spirit inside my heart say, “Aaron, you have nothing to boast about.”

Sobering, but true.

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