A strange similarity

Flashback: I’m watching a video in church. In the video there is a man who is in prison for the sole crime of being a Christian. The man tells his son how in the recent past his dad could even pray in school, but then “they” took that away from him. Then it became politically incorrect to talk about Jesus. The next thing you know the man is about to be executed. In an emotionally gripping moment, the man tells his son to pray like he taught him to, to take care of his mother, and to remember that God is the Father to the fatherless. In the end the man joins the cloud of witnesses in heaven as one in a long line of martyrs for the Christian faith. For an impressionable young Christian raised in red-state America, the message was loud and clear. This is what will happen if liberals (aka..democrats and secular humanists) are allowed to take over.

Flash forward: I’m on an airplane flying to a country where Christians actually have been persecuted in the recent past and I watch a movie called V for Vendetta. In the film, Britian has been taken over by a dictator who came to power on the promise to restore Britain to its former glory by bringing God back into the government. The man proceeds to wage war against gays and Muslims and creates a Big Brother society along similar lines of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The message of the film was loud and clear. This is what will happen if fundamentalist Christians are allowed to take over.

Does anyone else but me find these similarities strange? What are the lessons we can learn from the two opposing viewpoints?

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