Off to Cornerstone!

For years I’ve heard about the Cornerstone music festival, although I’ve never really been interested in attending, largely because I am way too boring to get into Christian punk/grunge/heavy-metal. I liked this kind of music when I was an adolescent. When I was 12 I used to tease my parents for liking Twila Paris over Stryper and now I am downloading Twila Paris songs on Itunes and listening to Josh Groban and Celtic Women. It is official. I am completely and utterly unhip. In fact, I think I am so unhip that I’m not even sure if hip is a hip word anymore. Wasn’t that the 80’s?

Be that as it may, although I haven’t head-banged in years and I have no idea how to “get jiggy wit it”, I will be going to Cornerstone to convince those that do that global poverty is a moral issue of Biblical proportions. The issue of economic justice is one of the primary concerns of nearly all the Old Testament prophets. I’m just glad that God hasn’t called me to do what they did. Somehow I think that laying down on one side naked for a year eating dung might not be very good PR for an aspiring world evangelist (think Isaiah and Ezekiel). I’m glad that all I have to do is get a few punk rockers to sign a petition. I would appreciate the prayers of my readers. I’ll probably need a lot of it.

I leave today with the words of Kip, the cousin of Napolean Dynamite whose faithfulness to his inner gangster has inspired millions of white guys with no rhythm like myself.

Peace out!

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  1. Aaron, Now this is going to hurt, so brace yourself, but “getting jiggy with it” has been “unhip” for almost 10 years now. If you want to update your Will Smith inspired dance moves, you may take a listen to “Switch”. Unfortunately I doubt it would help you become “hip” because there are no curse words or mention of promiscuity anywhere in the song. Being “hip” now often means being hot later.Pete

  2. Ouch! That really does hurt. Hip=Hot? Who would have guessed?

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