Setting the record straight-Am I the next Ann Coulter?

First things first, I would like to make a public announcement that my article Average Joe Liberal’s Bleeding Heart Dilemna was not about bashing liberals! The point of the article was to ask the question of how does a person with extraordinary ideals cope when his or her ordinariness doesn’t match the level of his or her extraordiniary ideals. That was the point!

Recently, I started blasting my articles across the internet with an article submission service that lists my articles in all the top article driven websites. I think that perhaps I should be more careful next time what I submit since new readers don’t have the long history with me. One man, after reading the article actually compared me to Ann Coulter! For those of you who don’t know Ann Coulter, Coulter is a far right verbal bomb thrower that makes Rush Limbaugh look like Mr. Rogers.

You can view the man’s comment about my article here.

I explained to the man that those who read my blog would know that the Average Joe bleeding heart liberal was me! I then asked him to view my blog to see if I was telling the truth. I challenged him to read “Stories from the West Bank” and then see if he arrived at the same conclusion. Apparently, the individual “perused” my blog, saw Pete’s comment on my Average Joe article and concluded that this blog is about me (the Ann Coulter wannabe) poking fun at non-conservatives.

To set the record straight. For those of you who read my blog consistently, am I the next Ann Coulter or am I a struggling Christian trying to navigate myself in a morally complex world?

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  1. Ann Coulter?!?! He hasn’t read enough of your thoughts. Besides you wouldn’t look very good in a skirt! I should clarify that my response was trying to point out that no one has hope who puts the agenda of their political affiliation or personal views before the agenda of God. If God is the filter through which thoughts and actions run, than the liberal or conservative labels can be tossed out. WE ARE CHRISTIANS! That was my point. Sorry that it got twisted into you getting called a blonde.Pete

  2. ann coulter. that’s hilarious.

  3. I wouldn’t even classify Pete in the same category as Ann Coulter.That being said…Even though I read a lot of your blog pretty often, in this article I didn’t think you were talking about yourself when you were classifying people as liberals. Also, people who are not “conservative christians” don’t necessarily know about the zionist thing. I always thought we were all called to live in peace with humanity to build Zion on earth. In my upbringing, it had little to do with Jerusalem and a nation called Israel and more to do with living like Christ.People do associate the right wing conservative people(and Ann Coulter) with intolerance of people with different lifestyles and values, which is what James was seeing.

  4. Marhaban,Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that your spiritual leaders were more enlightened on the zionism issue.Just to clarify, when I say that I identify with average Joe liberal, I don’t necessarily mean I am liberal on every issue. On many subjects, I am fairly conservative. The reason why I used the term “liberal” in this story is because, in general, liberals tend to be more socially conscious than conservatives (at least most conservatives that I know). Just wanted to clarify that point.

  5. Marhaban,That comment was priceless! I appreciated it and I also laughed. ThanksPete

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