Forgetting my lines

Picture this. I’m standing in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. I’m an actor in a theatrical production that all my friends and family have paid good money to see. Just when I’m about to say my lines…I freeze. With the eyes of hundreds of people staring straight at me, I realize all of the sudden that I don’t know my lines. I’ve either forgotten them or I’ve never seen them before. I run back stage frantically looking for a copy of the script only to find that when I actually look at the script, I have no idea what I’m reading. The words appear on the page but my brain can’t make sense of what I’m reading.

And so the dream ends. I probably have this dream at least two to three times a year. Yes, I used to be in theatrical productions when I was in high school, but that was a long time ago.

Can anyone think of how this could be used in a sermon illustration?

Perhaps me exposing my fears and insecurities to the global cyber-shrink population will yield some sort of redemption.

Be gentle.

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  2. It could illustration that maybe you fear that one day God will bring you into a situation where you could help many people but then the word of God escapes you and there’s nothing you can do or think to help you.I think (possibly) everyone has that fear of when it comes time to help someone and truly do good that we will not know what to do or say. I know I have that fear all the time. But I remind myself every time I get that fear that the Lord is standing behind me and I know if I can’t find the words or actions to do something good, I trust He will give me the words and the actions. God is good that way. I know my grandmother spoke of a few times where she was in one of those situations and had no idea what to say but some how everything just came out perfectly clear and really helped. She thanks God for that.Sorry I don’t have a bible verse to go with that. I’m not very good with bible verses.I don’t know if that helps, but you can’t blame a writer for trying. : ) DustinChristian Writers Forum Blog

  3. Thank you for your comment Dustin. I welcome you to contribute any time.

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