A chief’s vision leads 1,000 Muslims to Christ

The following report is from Caleb Project’s Mission News Catalyst. Enjoy!

They have seemed harder to win because until recently, so little of the church’s material or personnel resources have been focused on them. But many Muslims are spiritually hungry, and the Lord is drawing them to himself. But it is hard for individuals to make a commitment to Jesus Christ, unless they are the head of the family.

Recently, in one country, a Muslim leader of a village of over 1000 people began praying to Allah for help in leading his people. One night he had a dream, telling him to go to the house of a certain believer in Jesus, who would tell him about “the straight path.” So he did, and the believer explained the gospel. The Muslim then asked this believer to come tell the gospel to his whole village.

It seemed everyone believed. The leaders then held a meeting, and decided to ask for Christian baptism. So the visiting Christian baptized the Muslim leader, who then baptized all his leaders, who in turn, baptized the men under them. Then the men baptized their wives and sons, and the wives baptized their daughters. Over 1000 people came into the kingdom that day!

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