The God of Aaron

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. Don’t really have an excuse, just been busy being busy even if the business hasn’t accomplished all that I’ve liked-but that’s another story.

I had another late night last night. For some reason, when I can’t sleep I like to go out to my living room and lay on the couch. I’ll usually either spend a few minutes with the Lord or fall asleep within the hour-or both.

As I was focusing my mind on the Lord, I began to reflect on the awesome privilege it is to claim that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David, all of these great heroes of the faith-is my God as well. The same God that inspired Moses to lead the people out of Egypt, the same God that called David when he was just a shepherd boy and inspired him to the throne of Israel, the same God who always stuck up for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, no matter how naughty they behaved at times, that is my God.

In the Old Testament, God often identifies Himself with His people. I am the God of Abraham or “the God of Jacob” is my refuge. Jesus picks up on this point to say that God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Isn’t it awesome that God chooses to identify Himself with human beings? That’s the one thing that sets Biblical faith apart from every other religion. God isn’t distant, but intensely personal.

I started saying to myself “God is the God of Aaron” as if “God of Aaron” belongs in the same category as “God of Abraham” or “God of Moses” or “God of David.” As I began to say this, I felt a warmth and acceptance that I haven’t felt in a while, realizing that God isn’t ashamed to identify Himself with me.

Isn’t that what the gospel is all about? God identifying with people?

As jumbled as these thoughts are, I have a feeling that if you meditate on this a while, it’ll increase your faith.

Still fighting the good fight,


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