An Election Prayer

I can remember when I was a student in Bible school, the leaders of the institute asked the students to skip at least one meal and fast and pray for 40 days that God would have his way during the 2000 election. Between George W. Bush and Al Gore, everyone knew exactly what that meant. My friend and I got together every day after work and prayed that God would elect Bush to the White House.

Now that I’m eight years older, and hopefully wiser, I no longer presume that I know who “God’s man” is for the country. Who knows? God may want to judge our nation and give us a not so good leader. For some, that would be Barack Obama, being that he’s the antichrist and all. For others, God’s judgment is the last eight years under the Bush administration.

Do I still pray for the elections? Absolutely! God commands us in His word to pray for political leaders (I Timothy 2:4), He just doesn’t tell us exactly what to pray.

I’ve decided to let my readers in on how I’ve been talking to God lately about this upcoming election. I know it’s a private conversation, but I don’t think God minds too much letting others in on our conversation.

So here goes.

Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for the leaders of our nation. I pray that you will give them wisdom to make good decisions for this country. I pray that you pour out your Holy Spirit on our nation’s capital and draw men and women in Washington D.C. to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I pray that in this upcoming election, you will grant us leaders who will “Do good, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God.” I pray that you will grant us leaders who will respect human life and execute justice for the poor. I pray that you grant us leaders that will serve the interests of the people and not merely use people for personal gain. I pray that you will give us leaders that will do what is right both for America and for the world. I come against any attack of the enemy that would seek to thwart your plans and your purposes during this election. I declare the plans of the enemy null and void in the name of Jesus Christ. Most importantly Father, I pray that your kingdom come and your will be done.

No, this isn’t an eloquent prayer. I know it’ll never make the Paul Harvey show. But I believe it’s Biblical and I mean every word of it. For those of you at a loss for how to pray during this upcoming election, I sincerely hope this helps.

Come Lord Jesus!

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