Taking the heat. This might clarify.

I’ve taken some real heat for my last post. Some feel that I’ve downplayed the abortion issue as if it’s not important. Not true! I think the abortion issue is very important. One of the things I’m trying to say is that when it comes to this issue, it’s not necessarily black and white the best way to save babies. I argued that overturning Roe Vs Wade will not make abortion illegal and even if abortion does become illegal, making it illegal isn’t necessarily going to save babies. Voting for a traditional pro-life candidate definitely makes a moral statement, but from a pragmatic point of view, it might not be the best way to save lives. There are some people that feel that Obama’s policies regarding economically depressed mothers will actually save more lives than a theoretical vote declaring that abortion is wrong. That’s a moral argument that I feel Christians can honestly disagree on without maligning each other.

Here’s an article that sheds some light on the issue.


May we all work together to build a culture of life!

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