A right way and a wrong way to help Jews

Below is an e-mail update I received from Terry McIntosh, a missionary to both Israelis and Palestinians. I want you to notice my response and his reply to my response.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics recently released data that showed there were 117,000 Jewish births in Israel in 2008.

The number of abortions in Israel for the same year is estimated to be over 40,000.

Thus in 2008, of the approximately 160,000 pregnancies in Israel, 120,000 led to births and 40,000 (one in four) ended in abortion.

We have long wanted to contribute to the cause of preserving life, but have not due to lack of additonal funding for the project. We have decided that lack should not stop us from being a part of saving Jewish lives, and are now committed to getting involved. We will work through an established and trusted pro-life community.

Gifts for this cause will be handled as usual. Otherwise, we will do what we can with what God provides in the general fund.

God bless you more each day.
Terry and Susan

Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc. PO Box 766 Paducah, KY 42002 USA

Here was my reply:


Thank you for this. I’m glad you didn’t throw the racial element in
this letter. I’ve read similar statistics by other pro-life Jewish
ministries, but then they throw in the “we have to keep the nation
Jewish” element by citing birthrates of Arab children. So what they
are really saying is we have to save these Jewish babies so that Arab
babies don’t outnumber them, a very overt form of racism in my book.

Thank you for staying focus on true life issues.


Below is Terry’s reply to what I wrote:

Thanks, Aaron. Yes, our only thought is the preservation of life, not politics. The Christian need to support Israel politically does overbalance in almost every area. If the motive is political, I question if God honors it at all.

May I share your input with others so that we can be clear about it to everyone?


I wrote Terry back with the reply absolutely!

In my upcoming book “Alone with a Jihadist: A Biblical Response to Holy War” I take aim at Christians that support an agenda of racial superiority of Jews in Israel over and against their Arab brothers and sisters. I know in advance that many Christians are going to label me an “anti-semite” because of my opposition to Christian Zionism (a movement that seeks to help Jews reclaim the Biblical promised land by supporting the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and helping Jews return to Israel), but nothing can be further from the truth.

The fact is there is a right way and a wrong way to help Jews in Israel. The right way is to treat Jews like people, not like pawns in an apocalyptic chess match. The wrong way is to aid and abet a racist ideology that seeks to dominate and subjugate another people without giving attention to the real needs (both physical and spiritual) of the Jewish people.

Terry is doing it the right way.

May others follow his example.

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