How not to become a political junkie

My name is Aaron Taylor and I must confess that lately I’ve become a bit of a political junkie. Part of this is justifiable–at least to me–because I’m an author that writes about peace and social justice issues from a Christian perspective and if I’m going to be interviewed on radio or television (something that will happen within the next few months) then it would do me some good to know what I’m talking about. Even with this in mind, a daily diet of blogs, websites, magazines, and cable-news can be a bit stifling spiritually, so I think I’ve come up with a solution.

For my fellow junkies, here is what I recommend.

When you watch the evening news or read your favorite blog, turn what you are watching and reading into a prayer. This allows you to talk to God and to be a part of the action at the same time. Over the past few weeks I’ve prayed for the crisis in Darfur, victims of gun violence here in the U.S., wisdom for the president to turn around our struggling economy, the safe return of a captain held hostage by Somali pirates (a prayer answered!), and just about everything else in between.

When it comes to choosing between prayer and grumbling, which response is more likely to move heaven, shake the earth, and draw us closer to God?

If you said the latter, then I hate to break the news to you, you’ve become a political junkie and there’s only one thing you can do to change your situation.


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  1. aaron, good advice. i have to admit that i have a tendency toward grumbling, and i need to take your recommendation for what to do as an alternative.

  2. Praying what you see and what youread is an excellent idea. Thank you for this.

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