Interview with Steve Smith from Global Messenger Service

Steve Smith has been a friend and colleague for years. I grew up under his preaching at Life Christian Church. He now works with a ministry called Global Messenger Service and is actively traveling the world and raising up leaders for the next generation. I asked Steve a few questions about his life and ministry. Here’s what he had to say.
Q. Tell me about your work with Global Messenger Service. What do
you normally do when you travel to a foreign country?

A. I have been a team member with Global Messenger Service for the past 5 ½ years. I travel internationally between 7 – 8 times per year conducting pastors and leaders seminars, speaking in churches and doing humanitarian work. We help provide for a girls home who have been saved from infanticide in India. We also provide gifts on a regular basis for a boy’s jail in India. As well, we partner with Jack & Sherry Harris, (President of Global Messenger Service) in providing laptop computers and video IPODS with a video Bible School. We travel to India, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Senegal, Vietnam, Austria, and Papua.

Q. You left an Associate Pastor position at a large church in order
to focus on your missionary work full time. How has the adjustment
been for you and your family?[

A. It was a huge transition. However now on this side of that decision, I can’t imagine not making that choice. It basically came down to me searching my heart and uncovering the priorities that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Those were, writing, speaking and going to the nations of the world to raise up leaders. I am privileged to be doing all three of those now.

Q. What motivates you to do what you do?[Steve Smith] I would have to answer that with seeing people who have no hope about life and watching them feel refreshed, lifted and loved. I have a raging passion to tell one more person they are going to make it! No matter what they face, no matter how close to the end it seems, they are going to make it. It doesn’t mean everything turns out the way we want it to. But in the end we know that God’s hand was involved and we are now better off than we could ever imagine of being.

Q. What is your most memorable moment on the mission field?

A. Well I think every trip is the best trip. However, two come to mind immediately; One was going to Borneo island and speaking to a tribe of people who lived as far back as you can get in long houses. The second was the trip we just took to Papua. As primitive as you can get yet we found people hungry for God and that was so rewarding.

Q. Tell me about E-Hope. Why did you start it and what kind of response have you gotten?

A. E-Hope is a weekly email that I started to do nothing more than encourage people. I found people hopeless around the world. I wanted to do something about that. So I started E-HOPE. It is 2 paragraphs long, I never ask for anything and it is filled with thoughts of encouragement. It is delivered to their email inbox every Wednesday morning. Unless of course you are international it could be that night. I started with 187 names and currently I have over 4000 recipients in 14 different nations! I am working to have the website have a Spanish translation by January 2010 as well as E-HOPE in Spanish by that time as well.

Q. How can someone be added to your weekly E-Hope E-Zine?

A. You can go to the website and sign up for E-HOPE or you can send me an email to steve@yourvoiceof and request to be added to the email list. We do not sell or exchange these names to anyone.

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