Jesus Camp kids praying for President Obama

Pastor Tim O Brien received a lot of flack when his son Levi O Brien supposedly prayed “to” a cardboard cut-out of President George W. Bush in the film Jesus Camp. Many viewers, including some uniformed people in the media, thought the children at Becky Fisher’s camp were worshiping the president, when what they were actually doing was praying for him according to the Scriptural command to “pray for kings and all who are in authority” (I Timothy 2:2).

I’ve known Tim O Brien, and to a lesser extent his son Levi, since before the release of Jesus Camp. Since then, Pastor Tim and I have had a lot of talks on the role of the Church in society and, although we disagree significantly on many issues, I can say that the portrayal of Tim O Brien and his family as right-wing fundamentalists is off base. The real Tim O Brien, though politically conservative, in no way sees voting Republican as a litmus test for faith. His wife does not consider herself a Republican. And—surprise—his children watch Harry Potter! I’ve spoken at his church on several occasions, both before and after the release of the film, and each and every time I’ve found the O Brien family and the church he pastors intelligent and open to new ideas.

Pastor Tim sent me this video this morning of a prayer meeting at his church. I found it inspiring. I hope this breaks some stereotypes.

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  1. I have watched these kids grow up, and I know their hearts are real. This isn't some forced prayer, or a prayer against President Obama. This is a prayer for his leadership and a prayer that he will be used to turn the heart of our country back towards Christ.

  2. I am glad to see our young people taking the helm and praying for our political leaders, especially President Obama, our president. Him and his family needs our prayers. In general for our local, county, state, U.S. government, and our nation. The Word of God says and the children will lead them, isn't that what we want to see is young people taking the Word of God,and their Christian walk seriously. When we say train up a child in the way of the Lord, and when he get old he would not depart from thee, isn't that what we parents, grandparents, extended family and Christian families wanting to see? I pray so. God bless you Pastor Tim and Rock of Ages young people. Keep the faith burning and the prayers going in Jesus Name. Don't be discouraged, but hold your head up high, because you are in the will of God. James 5 says the effectual fercvent prayer of the righteous availeth much….Elder Mary Ann Pulley, Rolla,MO (lovingly known as Pastor P).

  3. This just reiterates that we teach our kids to pray FOR those who are in authority. No matter what the political persuasion or party affiliation, we pray knowing that our prayer make a difference!Pastor Alan Koch

  4. I was present as the children prayed. They were sincere and praying for President Obama as though he was there–not a pretend prayer for a card board picture. Even adults use flags, symbols and many other focus points as they intercede. You can know that as the children pray, they are praying to God with the real person in their hearts.

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