Meet Tim Wise, the Angry White Man

I’d like to introduce my readers to Tim Wise, the self-described “Angry White Man”

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Tim Wise is one of the nation’s premier anti-racist authors.

Here is the latest article on his blog.

Fair warning, Tim lets nobody off the hook.

Including myself.

Prepare to be challenged.

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  1. You mention: "angry white males that shouted racial epithets at Democratic lawmakers last weekend."From what I've heard reported, there is some controversy regarding the factuality of what was shouted, and whether it was racially charged or not. Also, unless there was any significant investigation conducted, it's hard to say what the background motivation was for this group of people. It could have just as easily been been trickery by some group who actually supports the D-lawmakers, but acted in this way in an attempt to shine a bad light on those opposed to the current activities of our congress.Additionally, during this same time frame, the media (some outlets anyway) reported a very rowdy group of approximately 2000 Canadians who prevented Ann Coulter from speaking at a university in Ottawa. Sure, they do not fall under our Bill of Rights, specifically Amendment #1…but, usually universities allow all perspectives to be spoke. Given that Ann is a woman, I'm surprised you don't point this incident out as a counter-balance to show that anger doesn't just happen on one side of the aisle…

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that there's anger on both sides. However, I think that calling a black congressman the "N" word would classify as racially charged. Calling Barney Frank the "F" word is also hate speech in my book. Not to mention all of the threats that have come forth in this last week against democratic lawmakers, and the blogs calling for violent revolution.I'm all for a reasonable debate about the policy issues at hand, (and in no way do I think that the lunatic fringe defines all who share their political views) but I'll need to be shown some convincing evidence that what we're seeing right now is really a secret plot of undercover liberals sent as plants to make the tea party people look bad.

  3. Where are the video clips on the news showing the clear proof of the racial epithet claims? You know with all the cameras on what was happening, if those types of words were being used, the video would be out there. We have video of VP Biden using an "F" word…so, where's the video of racial/sexuality epithets?Your blog has been around since 2006, so I'm sure if I looked back, you'd have plenty of discussion regarding the attacks against our last president, all the rhetoric which was leveled against him, Right?Thanks for blindly accepting the "white guilt" that the race pimps use as one of their weapons to create division in America. It's just the sort of thing needed to get a marxist agenda through in a free country

  4. You're welcome. And by the way, I've also criticized the left for stoking unnecessary fires. I seem to be an equal opportunity offender. See my posts "The Blurry Line between Truth and Hate Speech" and "Culture War Casualties" You can google them.

  5. so, where's the video of racial/sexuality epithets?

  6. I don't know. Why don't you call CNN and ask them?

  7. if there was video, CNN would not be able to stop playing it…it's so easy to throw the race card, every victim knows how…

  8. Okay, for the purpose of integrity, I edited the part about last weekend's incident, just in case there is real doubt the incident occurred. I stand by my claim however, that there's there's a disturbing trend of hatred and violent rhetoric (think of the signs depicting Obama as a monkey and the other signs threatening gun violence) being propagated right now. Yes, I'm aware that some of it is also present on the other side. For example, there were gay rights activists that posted the addresses of people of people that voted against gay marriage in California. That is also unacceptable. I'm willing to call out hatred on both sides when I see it. I will not, however, apologize for calling attention to institutional racism here in America, even if some will accuse me of "playing the race card to promote a Marxist agenda." This is crazy talk.

  9. Thanks for your edit…I'm well aware that there is hatred in the world. Until Christ returns, there always will be. Hopefully when GW was president, you took note that there were signs depicting him as a monkey (and Hitler) and the other signs threatening gun violence, including a movie depicting his assasination. These events and actions do not excuse what is currently happening, but I didn't see the media drawing attention to the "hatred and potential for violence" that brewed during that time. Either way, it is from extremes, generally not groups that hold our country in great respect.For the record, I did not state that "you" played the race card to push a marxist agenda…the intent of my statement is that one side is doing this. When the serious charge of racism is leveled, but the evidence of racial epithets is missing, it must be considered that those leveling the charge will stoop to any level to stop the voices of their opponent. Even when those voices were only demanding a reversal of policies they disagree with, which is a basic right in our country.Additionally, when Obama was elected, we were told we had become a post-racial nation. Racism does go both ways. When the term "angry white males" is used constantly, and in a certain context, it becomes pejorative. Aren't pejorative descriptions and generalizations institutional racism…therefore, I cannot apologize for calling attention to it either. Nothing personal…just keeping it real!

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