It’s all about perspective

I’m exhausted. Been driving all day. When my wife and I got to our hotel, Christian wouldn’t stop fussing. I called the doctor, ran to Walgreens and bought some Motrin, and now he seems to be doing fine–finally!!. Tonight has been pretty miserable, especially since I got little to no sleep at the flea bag hotel we stayed in last night, but I bet it would be more miserable if I were an African woman living in the deserts of Sudan and having to deal with a fussy baby in 100 degree heat. It’s all about perspective.

A lot of people have asked my wife and I how we’re holding up, knowing that our son was born with a heart defect and that we had to go to California for his surgery. My wife and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. We were in and out in five days. We met one lady that had been there for 10 months with her daughter. Almost everyone there had been there more than once since their children’s conditions required multiple surgeries, with tentative expectations. Our surgeon told us he thinks that the surgery last week will be the only one Christian will need. In and out in five days is practically a miracle at the Ronald McDonald House. We feel like we got off easy.

It’s all about perspective.

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