Here’s what’s really going on in Palestine

I found this link a gripping story of a leader in the Palestinian non-violence movement. Yes, there is such a thing as a non-violence movement among Palestinians.

Here is how they are treated.

Read and weep

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  1. Those lairs! Although I couldn't view the image in question because of a server error I agree with you. Non-violent.. yeah right. This is sad

  2. "Here's what's really going on in Palestine"Are you really saying that, what really happens in Middle East is what this one subjective Huffington Post (also known for spreading anti-semitism) article says.Really I thought that something Godly good happened to you, but this…I truly believe that people suffer in Middle East, but just taking a one sided minded about it just stupid.Most of todys Palestinians suffering are result of their own leaders. When peace process with PA/PLO started in 1993, both Israel and PLO agreed to ensure peace in that area, and as you can see, PLO side never did what the agreement demanded. Please checkout how badly Palestinian leaders treat their own children by teaching them to be terrorists.I encourage all christian palestinians, instead of taking side with the PA, to be a peacemaker, to love the enemy as Jesus told to and to do good works, because if we follow Jesus, we do not take a part in hate, and thats what modern palestinian nationalism is today.

  3. One sided? Really? Why is the one-sided argument only brought up when one side is challenged? So are you saying that I can't mention at all the fact that Israel regularly demolishes Palestinian homes, seizes their orchards, cuts down their olive trees, build roads for Jews-only that cuts through Palestinian land, all to pave the way for settlements for Jews-only? Are you saying that none of these things are factors in the conflict? You say I'm one-sided, but then you place the blame of Palestinian suffering exclusively on Palestinian leaders. How is that not one sided? Have you ever been to the West Bank? I have.As far as the anti-Semitism charge. Are Jews like Mark Braverman, Norton Mezvinsky, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Jeff Halper also anti-Semitic? Two of these guys are my friends. They would say that those who don't hold Jews accountable for their actions are the true anti-Semites.Is Ilan Pape, the Israeli Jew who wrote "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" also an anti-Semite?Jeff Halper, an Israeli Jew who founded the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions ( assembles a team of Israeli Jews to stand in front of bull-dozers when the Israeli-defense force demolishes Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. If I'm anti-Semitic, then so is this guy. But somehow standing in front of a bull-dozer to protect someone's home from being demolish sounds something like what a Jewish carpenter 2,000 years ago would have done.I highly encourage you to hear from other Jewish voices than the ones you hear on "Christian" television.

  4. Comment Part 1.It is one sided, when you say "look what's really happening, read and cry" – yes its very one sided. That is not the real truth, that is a consequence of long chain of things that happen before. And longer this chain can get, even worse will happen.I live in Europe, where christianity is dying (, and we don't have no christian tv here so my understanding doesn't come from there. And not even from US.More than half of my country thinks that Israel stole land from palestinians and is occupying their owned land. Well, history tells something else about that.So here I'm a minority with my view.I've read Noam Chomskys writings, and they are so based on hate that why on earth I would pollute my mind with them? Its like drinking dirty water.Ilan Pappé is known fraud.Other guys you've mentioned I haven't heard, and I will check out them later. And I said that Huffington Post is known for spreading anti-semitism.The "regularity" of demolitions etc. is very questionable. There is always reason behind and house demolition is very known and old policy. And for cutted trees and builded roads, people get payment for that.Like here in Europe, if government decides to make a road from place A to place B, and it goes through my fields. I don't have no right to complain about that, but I'll get a reasonable and fair payment about that.

  5. Comment Part 2.And of course its to blame the leaders. I blame my leaders for things that are wrong in my country, like you do in yours, I suppose.In year 2000 they could've have 100% of Gaza, which they now have (and firing rockets all the time) and 97% of Judea and Samaria. And Jerusalem also divided. And before you say anything about that 3%, it was kept just to make save borders like UN resolution 242 excepts from Israel.So they could've have that all. But no. That's why I look to palestinian people to rise against their own leaders instead of Israel. And like I said in my last message, in 1993 Oslo accords Israel and PA committed to have peace together. Only Israel filled the first part of the agreement. PA didn't fill even one of five most important commitments. Vice versa, it acted openly against all commitments. And everyone that stands politically with modern palestinian agenda is fool, because its based on hate. And only on hate.I have lived years in so called West Bank. And I wouldn't call it West Bank, because it is politically colored name for Judea and Samaria. They have other names for that area also.I lived together with jewish settlers and local and imported (yes, there are actually them also) arabs, muslim and christian.And what I learned is they all need is love, instead of hate. Very much love. And I learned also that those who actually want to live in peace, could live in peace together, jews and arabs alike. There is very big mutual understanding about that, no doubt. And this is what I've learn as the message of Jesus is, love your neighbor; love your enemy; jew love palestinian; palestinian love jew. And if you say that Jesus would've stand against bulldozer, you are just making Jesus to stand your point of view, and I really doubt that Jesus would do that, because Jesus point of view for politics was actually not involving and not interested, instead he loved people as people and as individuals.And that is my message also.I understand your point of view that some US christians zionist point of view is perverted, but the point is that its an US issue, not Middle Eastern. But what I've learned about christianity here in Europe, is that it is mostly perverted, about 80-90%, when you compare it to Jesus and whole message of Bible. Christians have so much pagan originated traditions, which came to christianity by political act, so that true message of God is spoiled. Here christians churches are hiring Imams to work along with priests, and discussing which is the best liturgical practice for blessing gay marriages in churches.So, my point is that, when we take too political stands, the message of Christ dims…

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