Crazy Week

It’s been a crazy week. The snow that was on the ground when we got back home on January 2nd is still on the ground. It hasn’t gotten above freezing. My wife and I arrived back in Farmington at 12:30 a.m. January 2nd. The drive from Cuba (Cuba, New Mexico that is )to Farmington was treacherous! At one point, our car said it was -24 degrees outside! The first thing I noticed when we got home was that we didn’t have running water. That’s because some pipes were frozen. A little insulation did the trick. We also had some broken pipes that were attached to our washer and to top it off, my battery was dead in the Honda.

In addition to home and car repairs, we had two different doctor’s checkups, one for Isaac and one for Christian. They both got immunizations, but it was Christian that was sick the next day.

I haven’t told very many people this yet, but I’m working on another book. This one, however, I’m actually getting paid to write. No more spending months of my life to write a book hoping that it will get published. I’ve teamed up with another author that has the best agent in the Christian publishing industry working for him. I’m the junior partner in the arrangement, but hey, it’s a giant foot in the door! Anyways, I had gobs of revisions to do last week to the chapters and the proposal, but I think I did an okay job. I sent it out last night. Hoping the proposal will land a nice advance!

Tomorrow I’m off to Phoenix for a summit with Peace Catalyst. Peace Catalyst is a ministry founded by Rick Love, a former missionary to Indonesia and the former President of Frontiers. The goal of Peace Catalyst, among many things, is to build bridges of peace to the Muslim world. I feel honored that I was invited to participate in a strategy summit on how to build bridges of peace to the Muslim world without sacrificing the essentials of the Great Commission. Some of the attendees head up some pretty significant ministries. Others are major movers and shakers in their cities in the realm of building bridges between evangelical pastors and Muslim Imams. Since there’s virtually no Muslims in Farmington, I can’t really relate. And about the extent of my practicing peacemaking and non-violence these days is making the daily decision not to beat my kids. Sometimes I think that being an author affords me a status I don’t really deserve. I don’t feel like I’m “in the trenches” as much as the other participants. Then again, we all go through different seasons in life.

I’m taking Isaac with me.

It should be fun.

Pray for a safe journey on the road, and that God will accomplish through us what He wants to accomplish.

Be blessed!

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