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Review of Alone with a Jihadist

Below is a review of my book Alone with a Jihadist from Regina Manley:

Alone with a Jihadist is a riveting, must read for any Christian who has the courage to reexamine Jesus’ commands and example regarding violence. Raised in a Pentecostal and conservative Christian environment, Taylor’s journey began after 7 hours of dialog with a radical Muslim, Khalid Kelly. The following excerpts should wet your appetite:

“What our nation lacks at this crucial juncture in our history is creative thinking, and the reason why we lack creative thinking is because of our unwavering faith in the myth of redemptive violence, especially in the Church.” P172

The reason why both Jesus and Paul (Romans 12:14-21, I Thessalonians 5:15) forbade Christians to use the sword is because when Christians use the sword, we undermine our unique calling to be a prophetic people that embody the reality of the age to come (Hebrews 6:5). … People won’t be ruling over each other, but serving each other in self-sacrificial love—like Jesus did. When Jesus preached that the Kingdom of God is at hand, He was calling forth a people from the north, the south, the east, and the west to live in the reality of the age to come in the here and now. P189

Thank you Regina!

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